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avatar • Social Circumstances • Beauty & Sexuality • Man + Woman • Methods of Meeting •
• Tests, Barriers, Misunderstandings • Marriage, Family, Duties and Problems •

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Getting acquainted: To Gentlemen we take care in

Social Circumstances

Beauty & Sexuality

Man + Woman

Methods of Meeting

Tests, Barriers, Misunderstandings

Marriage, Family, Duties and Problems

5 Responses to “Table of Contents”

  1. Graham Leslie Says:

    Dear Natalia,

    Thank you for your advice. Based on your advice, I decided to join the online dating site from your blog, and so far have received many apparently genuine responses. When you advised me to set the lower age bar no higher than 30, I decided to go for 30-49, or something like that. But I have received some responses from ladies under 30, for example 25 and 28. My thoughts are that even a 28 year old Russian woman would only be interested in a 50 year old Australian man (even one as handsome and trim as myself !) for one reason: to gain permanent residence in Australia and then leave him for a younger man. Do you think this is true?

    Many thanks for your help

    • wonderlander Says:

      Well, if you are a trim and handsome well-established Australian with an informative profile and quality photos, chances are to have caught someone’s attention for your own value! :) There are also chances to lose the competition to someone younger at any moment of the correspondence / dating stage as you are still strangers and practical considerations matter more than emotional bonds. In my 28, I have so discarded a regrettably wonderful candidate aged 47 because of that fear of the age gap’s consequences in the future. At 32, though, the irony of the world threw me into love with a man of 50 (“still handsome, already smart”, as I put it), but that’s off record. :)

      Yet sure no one can guarantee that a marriage won’t break against a “better” option… or against any other difference between the spouses that turns out to be stronger than love.

      Best of luck!

  2. Carlos Montes Says:

    What a wonderful blog. Too bad it is innactive. Anyway, there’s plenty here to keep me busy for a while.
    FWIW, I’m married to a lady from Kharkiv for the last 10 years.

  3. Stefan Says:

    Landmark Russian majority of the fair sex – home, happy family, and men feel it. Although lately there are more and more careerists, most are still willing to sacrifice the bright prospects for the sake of her husband for the sake of the child.

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